Make-A-Wish | Batkid Saves San Francisco!


Here is a story to brighten your mid-week blues! The Make-A-Wish foundation is turning San Francisco into Gotham City for an afternoon so that 5 year old Miles can fight crime as Batkid!

How awesome is that?!

Here is a picture of Batkid himself. So adorable!


Although Miles is in the midst of battling leukemia, he is still  “a sunny, positive little boy and finds his inspiration in super heroes”.  What was Miles’ one wish? To BE Batkid.

To make this wish come true, the ENTIRE city of San Francisco is coming together to cheer Miles on while he goes after the bad guys. You can read the full run down of the events of the day here.

The day starts with a breaking news story on the San Francisco news putting a call out for Batkid to help save damsel in distress. From there, Miles will fight crime throughout the city and will end up at a celebration at City Hall with the San Francisco mayor and Chief of Police presenting Miles with a key to the city.

The best part? Miles has NO idea what is about to happen. It’s amazing how a city will come together in order to make a little boy who is suffering’s dreams come true.

So if you aren’t doing anything on November 15th and you’re in the California area, you should be a part of making this little boys wish a reality!



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